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Maranatha, Christ is coming!

We are part of a community that is awaiting for the second coming of Christ. Time and again the Holy Scriptures throw light on the current global situation.

Whether it be of political or religious, social or economical and cultural or educational, They are sliding down swiftly in adhereing to the set values and ethics.This certainly shows that the end of the world is near.

The world's materialistic attractions are capturing God's people more than the religious values. It is sure the end is at the door.
Therefore the challenge is 
1. To find direction provided by the holy spirit
2. To live according to the Scripture
3. Share the experience of salvation in Jesus Christ with others actively.

This website is created to bring all of us together in sharing our spiritual experiences and grow together as we prepare to meet our Lord.

We are privileged to invite all of you to be a member of this group that is awaiting Christ's Second Coming, so that you will live forever with Jesus Christ.


Pr. Peter Halemane


Bangalore Metro Conference



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